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4 min readApr 14, 2022


We are thrilled to bring you another exciting project on the low fee, high speed, and scalable Polygon network. Ultimate Champions and their industry leading team is poised to bring Fantasy Football to the blockchain.

Enter Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions combines gaming on the blockchain, one of the fastest growing areas in the crypto space, with the most popular sport in the world: football. They are bringing play to earn games to the masses through a fun, accessible and free-to-play game. Not only that, the team is composed of seasoned game design professionals, previously in charge of Ubisoft Paris.

Ultimate champions will allow users to test their football knowledge playing fantasy football, a game where you build your best possible team each week. Users will be able to use their knowledge to leverage in the ecosystem’s open economy through player cards that will be made NFTs & tokens ($MGC/$CHAMP).

Why Ultimate Champions

When it comes to the gaming industry, Ultimate Champions has one of the most qualified teams out there, as stated in their whitepaper, the team has studied the rise of blockchain and Web3 technology while developing games at Ubisoft for the past 7 years.

Additionally, Ultimate Champions is solving an issue with the traditional framework of gaming. Which is that players don’t truly own their in-game assets, so it makes them worthless outside of the game, resulting in all the money and time invested in the game getting lost once a player stops playing. Ultimate Champions is giving true ownership of game assets to players, as they will be NFTs that players can either play to earn them or purchase them. Making the in-game assets have real value inside and outside the game.

  • Learn more about Ultimate Champions, the ecosystem, and its benefits here.
  • Read our Partnership Announcement here


The $CHAMP IDO will be launched in the second week of April 2022. Here are the details:

- Network: Polygon

- Token: $CHAMP

- Date: April 19, 2022 @15:30UTC

- Price: $0.03

- Raise Size: $250,000

- Vesting: 100% on TGE, TGE April 20, 2022

- Registration Opens: April 14th, 2022

We look forward to offering $CHAMP to our community.


Participating in a Thorstarter Sale

Buy XRUNE (Fantom) on SpookySwap (0xe1e6b01ae86ad82b1f1b4eb413b219ac32e17bf6)

Connect (on Fantom) to our app and deposit your XRUNE in our Forge — Based on how much you deposit in Forge, you will get an allocation multiplier for the IDO:

  • 2,500 XRUNE = Tier 1–1x Allocation Multiplier
  • 7,500 XRUNE = Tier 2–3x Allocation Multiplier
  • 25,000 XRUNE = Tier 3–10x Allocation Multiplier
  • 50,000 XRUNE = Tier 4–20x Allocation Multiplier
  • 100,000 XRUNE = Tier 5–40x Allocation Multiplier,

This means that you are eligible for some multiple of a given sale’s base allocation

Once your XRUNE is locked in Forge, granting you access to our sales, participation is a two-step process:

  1. Before the sale, you will need to “Register Interest” in our app to reserve your spot.

Registration is open until 2 hours before the sale. Make sure to Register with your wallet that is Staked in Forge (or Tiers for those not in Forge)

You will then be prompted to Enter your address (Polygon) you will use on IDO Claim day

2. On Sale Day, go to our app, connect your wallet, and claim the tokens you registered for.

We look forward to offering $Ultimate Champions to our community and helping them gain traction.

SKAL frens!

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